Access Control Cost in Malaysia. How Much I Need To Budget?

The cost of door access control and attendance, including installation, can vary depending on several factors. In Malaysia, for a general idea, it may range from RM800 to RM3,000 for a single door.

However, to provide a more detailed and specific estimation, various considerations come into play.

Factor such as:

  • Whether your premises require an attendance system, or if simple in and out access is sufficient?
  • Whether the office needs software-generated reports or manual data export?
  • Other accessories and features add on?

All of this affect the budget needed to allocate.

So in this article we’re going go more in depth about it. We’ll be basing the price on two popular access control brand ZKteco and Hikvision and also include some OEM product. The cost of installation and cabling also will be included in the calculation. 

First, let’s understand what is access control and it’s benefits.

What is access control?

Access Control devices. ZKTeco and Hikvision

In the context of door access and attendance, access control refers to a system that regulates and manages the entry and exit of individuals into specific areas or buildings.

It is widely employed in various settings like offices, government establishments, schools, and residential complexes to bolster security, monitor attendance, and restrict access to designated zones.

The main components of an access control system are:

  1. Access Control Devices:
    These are tangible devices employed to regulate access, such as card readers, keypads, biometric scanners (fingerprint, facial recognition), proximity sensors, and smart cards.
  2. Access Control Software:
    Serving as the core of the access control system, this software handles user data, access permissions, and logs entry and exit events. It also empowers administrators to configure and personalize access control configurations.
  3. Access Control Database:
    This database stores crucial user information, access privileges, and other pertinent data.

Usually this access control system will also be combine with attendance system to make the management much efficient. The benefits having them both includes:

  1. Flexible Access Management: Administrators can control and customize access permissions for different individuals or groups, granting access to specific areas at specific times.
  2. Remote Access Management: In some systems, access control can be managed remotely, allowing administrators to grant or revoke access from a centralized location.
  3. Time Tracking: The system accurately tracks the arrival and departure times of individuals, helping organizations monitor punctuality and work hours.
  4. Payroll Management: Attendance data can be used for payroll processing, ensuring employees are compensated accurately based on their actual work hours.

Access Control Price/Cost in Malaysia

Going back to the main topic, the cost of access control installation is mainly influenced by three key components:

  • The required hardware and devices
  • The software licensing
  • The fees associated with installation, setup, and training.

Here are breakdown of cost if we devide into two conditions.

Condition 1:

Client want to install themselves (access control with or without attendance/ attendance standalone)

Because the client want to install themselves, they will be no installation fee calculated.
In this situation the starting can be around RM 800 and but can be lower if remove attendance feature or just request for attendance only

  • For access control with attendance: RM 800 and above.

    This is budget for a reader (We suggest Hikvision DS-K1T8003MF Value Series) EMLock, ZL Bracket, Card, Power Supply and push button.

  • For access control without attendance: around RM 600.

    This price takes cheaper reader OEM that doesn’t include attendance feature. EMLock, ZL Bracket, Card, Power Supply and push button.

  • For attendance stand-alone only: around RM 300.

    This is budget for a reader (We suggest Hikvision DS-K1T8003MF Value Series)

Condition 2:

Client want to include installation service (access control with or without attendance/ attendance standalone)

For this the starting budget is around ~RM 1600. (access with attendance)

  • RM 800 and above budget for a reader (We suggest Hikvision DS-K1T8003MF Value Series) EMLock, ZL Bracket, Card, Power Supply and push button.
  • RM250 for the device training, installation and setup.
  • RM 300 to RM800 for cabling cost for basic. May cost more depend on situation.

For access without attendance will be around ~RM1500.

For attendance standalone will be around ~RM800.


(Note: This is the estimation for lowest price. For more feature and accessories such face recognition and emergency break glass etc the price can go up to RM 3000.)


End Note

So in hindsight, if you want install attendance or access control for your premise. First thing is to know what you required.

Is it for attendance? Is it for access control only? Does it need cabling or other installation? Or can I manually install it?

Answering this question can give the number to the budget that needed to allocate for access control.


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